Bespoke Design Services

At N. J. Geddes we are dedicated to having a strong design led approach to fine jewellery, and having talented designers is crucial. Our award winning designers have previously worked with some of the most prestigious jewellery houses in the world. 

Our dedicated couture, bespoke design service enables our clients to receive personal attention and a truly unique piece of jewellery tailored to individual requirements and budget. Clients can be involved with the design using their own inspirations, which are then brought to life using exceptionally talented artisans.


Period Jewells

Additionally, we use our global network to acquire fine examples of period/antique diamond and gem set jewellery pieces for clients, many of which are from the ‘master jewellers’ and their high design houses.

At N. J. Geddes fine jewellery concierge we take pride in offering the finest pieces, which many can be sourced from private clients and collections worldwide. Many of the design houses still offering jewels today arguably produced the most exceptional pieces in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.  Other than diamonds, the most valued coloured jewels today are; Kashmir Sapphires, Burmese Rubies and Columbian Emeralds.